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A Woman in Tech: *insert Python Script here*

  • If I put up a Python script on my website, will it make you stop underestimating me?

  • If I connect you to a link for yet another website I created from scratch, will that make me a better "woman in tech"?

  • If I lecture you on Design Thinking, Lean Methodologies, Scrum and/or Agile ways of working, will it clear the doubt from your eyes?

  • Do I need to create an app for you to start believing in me? For the record, I can, in a heartbeat...and I probably will.

  • Will putting all of the things I'm made of here, on my personal blog, put me in a better position or have you already made your decision?

The most challenging part of my career is having to constantly prove myself. I think I chose the right path because I enjoy things that seem ambiguous and convoluted. One thing about me is that, I will find the pattern and I will explain it to everyone that doesn't get it till everyone in the room understands. I use this skill everywhere, especially in situations where someone has to bite the bullet and say "Why is there no diversity at the top?"

2023 was such an interesting and impactful year in my life and career. In October, I was invited back to Warwick University as a Public Speaker, and also to talk 1:1 to the Undergraduates, Masters and MBA students. I did my Master's at Warwick (graduating with a Distinction, as well as being top 10% of the class). Despite the immense amount of hardwork and some sleepless nights to achieve this, I sometimes think back and ask "did I really do that?" but yes, that was me, I did that.

During my talk at Warwick's Tech Fest, I taught everyone I came across The Design Thinking Innovation Framework, how to be impactful, how to measure impact and how to position yourself for Leadership. I taught them everything I wish I heard when I was in their shoes. I made them see how relevant the concepts they were learning are in the industry today. That was my favourite moment of the year, the speed at which I am working toward my personal dreams/"life career".

I didn't realise that this exact moment was me also uncovering an additional facet of what my purpose in life is, to teach.

So here's a short snippet of me teaching Design Thinking at Warwick University. To read more about my talk and my public speaking journey, visit My LinkedIn Post about speaking at Warwick University's Tech Fest 2023 (click here)

  • In order to teach, you must invest in your learning.

  • In order to learn something to the point that you know it like the back of your hand, you must be disciplined.

  • In order to be disciplined, you must be passionate.

So, no, I will not spend time proving to people that I am "good" at anything. Instead, I'll spend time teaching people things that they didn't realise would accelerate the speed of their lives. I will do this because I have a clear visual mind and I have foresight. I spend time studying and learning things in as much breadth and depth that I can so I can be a better teacher to the people, communities and institutions that gravitate towards me.

I will let go of the crippling pressure and do the things that I was born to do, the things that thrill me.

In order to be a tutor, you also need to be comfortable with being taught. You need to be comfortable with not being "perfect". You need to be open to other perspectives. You need to be willing to learn.

But anyway, if you actually came here looking for a Python you go.

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