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My Therapeutic Trip to Abuja.

Hi everyone!

I have just uploaded a new Youtube vlog/Honesty Session where I speak about what it felt like to be in a different city in Nigeria.

Different cities have different vibes and auras. I live in Port Harcourt where there is so much excitement which is absolutely fun, completely enjoyable but could be draining sometimes. On the other hand, Abuja was very relaxing, spacious with a lot of trees and parks which made the trip very therapeutic for me.

It made me discover in some ways that I might have been suffering from some sort of cabin fever, simply because I had not left the city in a few months and I'm someone that loves to travel and explore the country that I live in.

It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely love to do it again.

Here's my experience condensed in a 5 minute youtube video and I hope you I was able to pass across this beautiful experience for you to feel with me too.

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