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Remen the Explorer: Solo trip to Galway

This is my 3rd VLOG on my YouTube channel: "A Multifaceted Journey" and it's all about my 2-day solo trip to Galway.

Timestamps: - It starts off with me at home, getting ready for my trip and doing my hair in the morning [00:44 - 07:45] -

After that, join me on the train as I navigate my way from Leixlip to Dublin Heuston to Galway! [09:05 - 12:38] -

In Galway, I went to Silverstrand Beach [16:29] went to have a look at the Spanish arch [20:47] and did some other things too (which I couldn't fit into the video because, 22 minutes is already a long time haha!)

In 2022, I started travelling a bit more and I have loads of pictures and video on my phone so I'm hoping that, over the holidays, I'll edit as many videos as I can and give you all the content and consistency you deserve from me.

Thank you all sooo much for watching my growth and always being there!





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