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Creating Your Reality: A Rite of Passage.

I write this today, channelling my inner guru. Feeling as though I finally understand how the elements on earth work together and intertwine to create this ever connected universe. I speak from a place of self-awareness and, therefore, an external hypervigilant understanding of the world through my own eyes. I feel as though, I have gone through a plethora of hellish experiences - a necessary rite of passage - before tasting droplets of success. I speak from a pedestal as a I await more intense challenges that will knock me off this high horse and bring be back to reality...


When people speak of "reality", all I feel are the many negative connotations packed within the word. They say "snap out of it" when you daydream of days where all your dreams will be achieved. They say "let's be realistic" when you speak of your larger-than-life goals. But why? Must "reality" force you to acknowledge the boundaries around you? Must being realistic mean we must succumb to the crushing halt that societal restrictions place on us? The answer is no. Why can't the content of our ever-dreaming and potentially groundbreaking minds be recognised as part of our reality?

I believe that being realistic should involve welcoming ideas that mentally transport you to where you're meant to be. Lavish and unbelievable lives are the realities of many people that we look up to so, who exactly made it a rule that "reality" must be so bleak? Why is it so wrong to imagine a future for ourselves that doesn't, at least, involve the pain and suffering of today? Why can't being realistic be synonymous with being optimistic?


Why can't I be happy like I've always dreamed to be?

Why can't I achieve all the thing I've wished for since I was a kid?

Why can't I have control over the direction of my life?

Why must you attempt to convince me; of what is wrong, achievable and what is right?

Why can't I just dream?

Dream of blue skies and linen sheets?

Dream of foreign meals and ocean breeze?

Dream of jet setting from Paris to Rome?

And achieve all of these things, all on my own?

Our role models somehow achieved these things...

Obtained their wishes with little mystique

So why must I stop myself and hide my wings?

And claim that my dreams are unrealistic?

Create Your Future, Create Your Life.

Creativity isn't something that was only bestowed upon the "special ones" amongst us. Creativity is something that is innate within all of us. The simplest thing I could use to explain this to you, is the fact that two human beings of the opposite sex have the ability to create another human being like you. We are born with so much creative energy that we have the ability to create another one of ourselves, how crazy is that?!

And these things just start of with a thought. Even simple things like thinking, "I want to make a meal". You imagine yourself eating the meal before it's even made. You know exactly how you want the end result to look, feel and taste like...and then you make it. Creativity, from this aspect, can literally be deduced to changing a single thought into a physical manifestation of itself. Just like thinking of how tired you are and writing "I am tired" down on a piece of paper. Everything we do on this earth to survive involves our ability to create.

Have you thought of what life would be like if you channel this creative energy into creating your own life? Making your life into whatever you want it to be? Envisioning your home in 2, 5 or 10 years time. Imagining switched trajectories and career change. Thinking of what life would be if you actually make the changes you've always been thinking about? What about the type of people you wish you could interact with that would be a positive addition to your life? What about the books you wanted to read that would guide you towards your goals? What about the people you wanted to speak to that have already achieved exactly what you're aspiring to reach? And what was that thing you wanted to begin this week?...and the other things that will give your life happiness, balance and direction?

Why haven't you started creating? What's stopping you? Why are you bothering yourself with trivial, unnecessary restrictions, boggling your mind with unnecessary pedantic details, when you should be more concerned with the big picture and how exactly to get there?

If barriers exist for others, they don't exist for you.

The moment you start believing this, all your dreams will come true.


1 Comment

This read is insightful, relatable and created by you, to pass on a real message here.

I have lost count, how many times someone, would tell me, to be “realistic“ or to “come back to reality“ and naturally, this would discourage thinking of bigger, and better things. Why? Because we would start believing our goals are unattainable, before even starting to take off.

But, what I believe, is that day dreaming, imagining is simply, part of the process of seeing yourself in a changed state, of something that could, one day, be you, if you follow through with it and make a start.

Even being aware of this, we limit ourselves to what’s easy and convenient at present, instead of…

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