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Creating Your Reality: A Rite of Passage.

I write this today, channelling my inner guru. Feeling as though I finally understand how the elements on earth work together and intertwine to create this ever connected universe. I speak from a place of self-awareness and, therefore, an external hypervigilant understanding of the world through my own eyes. I feel as though, I have gone through a plethora of hellish experiences - a necessary rite of passage - before tasting droplets of success. I speak from a pedestal as a I await more intense challenges that will knock me off this high horse and bring be back to reality...


When people speak of "reality", all I feel are the many negative connotations packed within the word. They say "snap out of it" when you daydream of days where all your dreams will be achieved. They say "let's be realistic" when you speak of your larger-than-life goals. But why? Must "reality" force you to acknowledge the boundaries around you? Must being realistic mean we must succumb to the crushing halt that societal restrictions place on us? The answer is no. Why can't the content of our ever-dreaming and potentially groundbreaking minds be recognised as part of our reality?

I believe that being realistic should involve welcoming ideas that mentally transport you to where you're meant to be. Lavish and unbelievable lives are the realities of many people that we look up to so, who exactly made it a rule that "reality" must be so bleak? Why is it so wrong to imagine a future for ourselves that doesn't, at least, involve the pain and suffering of today? Why can't being realistic be synonymous with being optimistic?