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Life must be extremely difficult for the people who are unlucky enough to have only good things happen to them.

For them, I’m sure the most trivial of setbacks would feel like their world is collapsing, the realities of a rocky life would pose as an absolute nightmare to them.

We pray for a utopian world where everything is beautiful, life is for enjoyment, good vibes everywhere. However, is there anyone in this world living such an absurd reality?

The ups without the downs must be an utterly discomforting experience. Sometimes life has to take us from our high horses and gives us a taste of humility.

Other times it’ll bring you from the pits of suffering and lead you to nirvana on earth.

Whether we decide to ride the wave & let life happen to us or we choose to drive our lives in a positive direction towards our goals; everything we do is in search of meaning because...we all don’t know what we’re doing here; but that’s the point of it.

We are blessed with the ability to create our own realities, give meaning and purpose to our lives.

We are born tabula rasa with all creative freedom to become whoever we want to be.

Don’t hold yourself back.

Create the sort of life that you can look back at with at least a glimmer of satisfaction.

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