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“I waited and waited for something spectacular to surprise me, nothing happened.”

There are many times I have strived for my future, made specific plans. Seen life as a puzzle with the confidence that I know exactly what pieces fit where.

I plan and calculate, be as logical as can be and, almost like magic, everything I hoped for happens.

Then again, there are the times when nothing you plan seems to come together. The timelines you set for yourself and your goals pass and you’re still waiting.


Times like this, I turn around and look at my original plan and wonder...”is this really right for me?”

Never before the self criticism of course. Misplaced blame, frustration, anger, the “what do I do now? Where do I go?”

“Did I think this through properly?”

Then my trajectory starts to change, maybe my effort might actually be in vain? Is there any point in all the hard work?

“What if I am destined to follow a different path and that’s why it’s not coming together?”

Oh, let’s not forget the ever so lingering doubt.

“What if it was never meant to be?”

We always find ourselves rotating between this wonderful cycle until the solution lands on our lap.

The exact moment that we least expect it.

The emotional strain, trying to stay sane in torturous times should always be a reminder to everyone of your personal strength and bravery.

And sometimes, when we hit a road block, all we need is something to remind us of where it all began.

  • Your journal?

  • Your old notepad?

  • The first piece of work you ever created?

  • The first draft?

  • Your first rejection?

Sometimes we need something to strike that feeling of self appreciation.

Something to remind us that, just like we once persevered and got here, so will the pattern continue for us to reach our vision.

How often do you have to evaluate and reevaluate your plans before you realise what the right direction is?

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