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Humble Abode.

Home to us could be several different things.

Home is a place.

Where we can feel safe.

To be ourselves and everything else.

Where our worries feel less distracting.

Where peace seems possible again.

Home is a person.

That cushions our falls.

The one that makes us see ourselves through a different lens.

That sees the positives in you when don’t see any good in yourself.

The eyes that see our flaws as super powers.

Home is a memory.

Fond, soft, happy, peaceful.

That give us a reason to keep going.

That gives us hope.

Home is your heart.

The many pieces.

Those moments that we allow ourselves to let go

The exhilaration.

The burning desire.

The broken.

The healing.

Home is that familiar space, where all our experiences merge, and we are finally given the chance to be human.

Broken but alive.

Strained but we survived.

But most of all…


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