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Poems From My Heart.


The constant search for pleasure

In a world where pain prevails

May lead you to treasure

Or to explore treacherous veils

The world may be your oyster

Your fond bubble of experiences

The ones that make you wonder

Or thoughts that take you to dark places

Explore and find your kind

Discover the hidden spaces

And take care of your mind

...before anyone else's.



Patiently I wait

Under the setting sun

Carrying this heavy weight

Of praises yet to be sung

Overwhelming expectations

The need for protection

From my complex situations

And doubtful self-perceptions

Waiting for the lantern

…looming at the end

In the face of a burden

…that I struggle to comprehend



The shivers.

The tears.

The pain.

My fears.

Overwhelming disorientation.

The ever-nagging piercing question.

Could the world be working against me?

Laced with broken experiences that I couldn’t foresee.

But now my friend, I know I am stronger.

One day I will tell you the story of when I walked on water.


Limbo. I need some time to think. Time to create. Not time to sink. A moment to radiate. In the beauty that is, quintessentially an emotional spree. In bravery and truth - we all strive to be free. Incessantly seeking “a better version of me”. May we hope to never forget who we truly are. To one day recognise; my darling you are a star 🌟

Note from Remen:

Thank you for reading the Poems From My Heart.

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