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I strongly believe in the idea of destiny.

Our life paths are set in stone and everything we do simply leads us through the tarmac to where we need to be.

This belief is how I make sense of my world.

Why seemingly good people do bad things.

Why some extremely hardworking people sow fruitless efforts.

A lot of people question the existence of God because they don’t understand why then, some people should suffer?

Why horrible things should happen in the world?

Maybe I’m just a gamer-girl but I always picture life as a predetermined simulation.

Like an extended version of Grand Theft Auto with the occasional likeness to Age of Empires.

Games are man-made of course, unlike ourselves.

Games, however, are pre-programmed with one or...sometimes various inevitable ends.

Depending on the succession of actions you choose through the story.

The illusion of free will.

With life, there is truly no such thing as free will.

Living in a world where you are constantly being shaped by society, relationships, situations and external pressures, where does the "free will" come to play?


Many people blatantly disagree with the idea of a destined end.

"We create our own life paths."

Yes, there is no denying that we shape our own worlds.

"I know I can become what I want to be if I try hard enough."

The creative power of imagination.

"I don’t know how but I’m going to get there."

The driving force of belief.

There is no doubt that we build ourselves to become what we are destined to be.

What I am sure of is that, we are born with several alternative destinies.

Which is why many successful people look back and shiver at what they could have been, had they made different choices.

Why many people live their latter years full of regrets.


We should learn to become more in tune with ourselves.

Take the time to actively understand who we are, the things we enjoy and the wonders we are capable of.

Only then would we connect with the internal revelations that lead us to where we truly need to be.

The path that leads to eternal contentment.

Choose Wisely.

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