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Popular culture is inundated in positive emotions. Every lifestyle and self-help book promotes it's content as the means towards attaining sustainable happiness, self-actualisation and guidance for "doing things the right way". This promotion, utter formulation of a strictly dichotomous and almost mutually exclusive relationship between “the good” and “the bad” makes one question: Aren’t the bad days there for you to recognise and revel when the good days arrive? Sometimes...doesn’t being lonesome in your struggles make you proud at the end of the tunnel that, you have seen the worst and survived? All by yourself. Through the immense strength that you truly thought you didn’t have? We all tend to bottle up all our worries in hopes that, if we don't acknowledge them long enough, one day they will disappear. But in doing so, shall we not forget the importance of trusting those who are happy and willing to be there for us, to lend a listening ear.



I sit here and I write this hoping that some sense will be made out of the words that flow through my fingers...

Empty words that seem to come together when I look at the computer.

I can't help but second-guess myself, my ability to do something that I know I was born to do.

Something that is so entangled within my genes and identity that...I can’t run away from it even if I tried to.

But as I station myself, typing wholesome words encapsulated in vagueness

I wonder if I've lost my touch or...if this is simply a moment of distress?

We tend to believe that the safest place for our sacred worries are within the depths our minds.

Could this be because everyone else would betray you...and your pride?

Shrouding the insecurities that make us who we are in an invisible cloak, in a distant memory shelf.

Have you ever thought of the chances that you are indeed, betraying yourself?

Would we rather dwell in warmth or in the blackhole of the picture we've created for the world to perceive as a reflection of our soul...

Or instead come to terms with our flaws to understand that we in our battles, are not alone?

Safe space.

Self-doubt will always come your way to make you believe you are not worthy of achieving what you know is meant for you.

Channel your mind towards the value of your purpose.

Believe in your ability to proceed, achieve and succeed.

Remember, the roses and the wreckage are both part of the experience of being human.

Flawed & Fragile.




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