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Many things change in your life the moment you decide to put yourself first.

From the quality of people you surround yourself by.

To the greater amount of time you spend learning new things.

...and this paradigm shift happens very quickly.

All of a sudden, you envision your life as it should be.

Some may call it adulthood.

Some may call it wisdom.

But before that moment approaches, we have to wonder... you truly know who you are?


Take a moment to…

Talk about your problems.

All you might see are barriers, others may see opportunities.

Write down your worries.

You might give yourself advice, and surely it will suffice.

Learn to let go of the things that have no place in your life

...and never look back.

Be driven to succeed. Express yourself, feel free!

Chase your goals with passion and vigour.

Make your dreams come true. The power is within you.

Think strategically, be the navigator and driver of your own life.

Remember, even destructive-criticism is a sign that you are doing many things right.

When you are given beneficial advice, take it.

Don't get lost in the past or in your predictions of the future.

Don't fret, you will make it.

Appreciate how far you have come and how much you have achieved.

There is so much more where that came from, just believe.

Treasure your experiences.

Appreciate the lows as much as the highs.

These are the moments that build you.

The reason you will surpass the skies.

Try to see the positives in every situation.

Even in the face of your worst nightmare…it’s only uphill from there.

Love altruistically and unconditionally.

All that you are due, will be returned eventually.

Hold on to your faith, if it brings you comfort.

Indulge in your hobbies.

Don’t know what they are yet?



What are the things that bring you joy?

How do you alleviate the stress?

How do you comfort yourself?

It’s so common to be commanded to make a change we know ourselves enough to know how to?

Take a chance on yourself.

Let things fall into place.


Happy New Year ❤️

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