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When you think of that word, what do you see?

A fast car driving to its destination.

A train on full speed to its next stop.


Sometimes we can't help but dwell on the things of the past.

In some ways, to appreciate our own successes.

Other times, to remind ourselves of our regrets and take correction.


The thoughts we are preoccupied by are a seamless representation of our own lives because we are our minds.

Thinking backwards and living in those moments rarely gives us room to see ourselves as anything other than what we presently are.


I like to see my life as a constant transition between phases.

Whatever position I may be in at any point in time, is the beginning of a new leaf.

The downturns are never a symbol of an end, merely the indication of a new starting point.

Moving forward into the light, away from the greyness of the past.


It may be difficult to accept but getting to the point where you believe you have become nothing will make you aware of all you need to do to become everything.


Making a choice as to where you want to be at a certain stage in the far future will ignite the fulfilment of your vision.

Think forward.

Once you do, the steps you need to take to get to where you believe you deserve to be will become clearer than ever.

So, I have one question before we part:

How often do you remind yourself to let go of the past and think about your future?

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