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Story of my life.

Defining my own place in the world.

We never truly appreciate how big the influence of culture is to our lives.

Coming out of that environment, we understand that there is a clear distinction between being at home and being away.

Understanding and accepting the behaviour, trends, fads, way of life between two places and acknowledging the differences between both collective mindsets; it is left for us to decide where we are most accustomed to.


The life where people are self motivated and you are taught to conquer.

The life where other uncontrollable factors are blamed for difficulty without putting up a fight to make a difference.

The country where the least intelligent ones are described as special and labeled as potential.

The country where those alike are condemned and predicted to be failures.

The place where amidst the unpredictable and sometimes uninhabitable weather, you still manage to catch a smile or two from a stranger.

The place where frustration and anger are inevitable, but many are still able to prosper with what little they have.

Where the gap between the rich and poor is apparent and glaring.


Our mind is a sponge of everything around us, we all notice the intricacies of society, sometimes without even realising.

One thing I know for sure is that our environment plays a major role in our happiness and well being.

Living in a society where humanity is nurtured and negativity condemned: or likewise vice versa depending on your personal mindset, creates a basic framework for you.

However, what you identify with becomes a choice for you especially when you have been home and when you have been “away”.

Sometimes it all glitters, not yet gold but striving to be.

Sometimes it’s crude and waiting to be utilised.

What part do you play to make a difference in the society you call home?

Home or away?

Finally, I must ask: How much do these external influences affect your happiness?

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