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The concept of happiness is very vague.

Inevitably as humans, we seek out happiness in things, situations, achievements and others. We are never taught what happiness really is. Some assimilate what they observe whilst watching their parents growing up (whether healthy or self-destructive) but still we are left to figure out by ourselves what our own happiness is dependent on.

Some find their happiness in providing happiness for others. This is one of the key ingredients in selflessness, empathy, the ability to love and be understanding. Also, might lead you into toxic friendships and relationships.

Some find happiness in setting goals for their lives and achieving them. Sometimes ends in a deep sustained feeling of contentment, sometimes ends in disillusion...then you're back to square one.

Some find happiness in learning and exploring. With this in someways you can never get bored: books are limitless, the number of places you can travel to are nearly endless and the list goes on. It is an infinite search, the worl