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I learnt something today. Something new about this journey that is, life.

We go into every new day with our morals and conscience, spreading love, aiming to put smiles on people's faces, praying that by the "grace of karma" we will get all that love back one day.

But, no. You suddenly realise that it is a cruel and harsh world we live in.

Everything won't always be roses and butterflies. Life is uniquely tumultuous and the only way to get through the days is by being resilient.

A real friend is one who is able to emotionally support you, give you words of comfort and provide clarity for you when life gets you down. As well, being a friend in return, you do the same.

Do we remember to reciprocate?

In life, people are naturally and most times unconsciously selfish. "Born alone, die alone". We pray for love and when we get it, are never content. Always taking and taking, forgetting to give back. Always thinking it's all about you, forgetting that there is a world outside the sphere of your mind.

Finding selfless, loving people that would love and support you as much as you support them is rare; that's what a best friend is.

In order to survive the chaos that is life, we  at least need that support system. It's importance is never-ending because, bad times will always come.

The most common rationalisation is that the good times won't be as good without the bad times...but why do good times have to be a reward?

Why can't we always be happy? Why can't we just live a Garden-of-Eden-esque life? Even in religion, the reward for living a righteous life is eternal joy in paradise, Heaven.

Life to me is a series of experiences, we don't know what is going to come after we wake up in the morning, sometimes it can be bad, sometimes it can be amazing. But it is what it is. The aim of this game is to become a stronger player as the days go by, as you tackle those challenges head-on. Losing some challenges but always winning, fighting, surviving and shining.

It isn't an easy job and it would definitely be a lot easier with a strong network of real friends, maybe a best friend.

...and family.

Remember to reciprocate.


My selflessness.

Stand out.
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