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I constantly find myself torn between wanting to be alone and not wanting to be lonely.

I came from Nigeria into a country full of people that were a bit difficult for me to connect with because we were from completely different cultures, countries and upbringing.

Living in such a situation, inevitably it was hard for me to connect with the people around me.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're in a room full of people but you still feel very alone, talking but not connecting, understanding but not being understood?

I believe this is the perfect example of what loneliness feels like.

Like a plane, on a lonely journey, carrying so much.

It is in these situations, that we find out who our true selves are. Completely distanced from the distractions and having to find out who we are on the inside.

We all cling on to things that we feel are comforting for ourselves. Like clinging on to the need to find love because you fear being alone (because you don't know what you might find in there).

A bit like what growing up feels like - clinging on your youth for dear life.

Life is really a journey and though it may be cliché to say coming out of your comfort zone is the beginning of growth; it is because essentially, it is letting go of the stifling fear that stops you from really fulfilling your true potential in this life.

I am starting a journey with myself and I am glad I am finally becoming what I've always wanted myself to be...

Wandering and wondering. be myself.

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